Month: April 2019

Five Solar Startups You May Have Missed

With ever-increasing attention being paid to reducing our carbon footprint, more and more individuals and businesses are looking towards solar energy as a means of achieving this goal. This thirst for green technology is fueling an explosion in startups. Following is just a small selection of solar startups you might have missed. SunFunder SunFunder is a crowdfunding startup based out… Read more →

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Rugs And The Bald

In the story of The Arabian Nights the question is asked by one of the characters whether there is anything uglier than a bald and beardless man who looks to her much like an artichoke. It seems even three thousand years ago bald men were not top of the pops with the ladies. Even Caesar had suffered coming to terms… Read more →

Advice For Using Porcelain Tiles Outdoors

When thinking about using porcelain tiles outdoors there are a number of important considerations to take into account. Firstly, and very importantly, porcelain tiles have different grades and you will need to check that your chosen tiles are Grade 5 i.e. suitable for outdoor use. Check with the supplier or manufacturer if you are unsure and double check that they… Read more →