A Dog Could Be A Home Security Risk

One of the traditional answers to the question, ?What should I do to increase my home security?? is ?Get a dog.? Dogs, while they may be a deterrent, are not an automatic home security solution. You should never leave your property solely in the paws your four-legged friend.

A dog is not guaranteed to protect your property without specific training to do so. Even dogs with guarding ancestry are not an automatic passport to a burglary-free home. Some dogs will even stand by while you are attacked, early lessons never to bite a human still holding to the fore. You can never depend on a dog to automatically know what to do without specific training.

Dogs need heavy socialization and training in order to learn what a normal situation is, what an abnormal situation is, and when to alert. This training takes a lot of time and effort. A dog is not guaranteed to alert unless specifically trained for the task. Even when a dog reliably alerts at unusual activity, there are many ways that it can be distracted or intimidated into silence.

If you are considering a trained guard or protection dog, stop. Do you have the time and equipment to work the dog every day? It takes that much to keep the dog under control. Your dog can not be shaky on any command if it has at any point been trained to attack people. An incompletely trained dog is more likely to damage you, a member of your family or someone in the neighborhood than it will an intruder. If you cannot control your dog, you are putting your family and your community in danger. Think very carefully before you take this step; a trained protection dog can be considered a lethal weapon in a court of law.

No matter what training a dog has, it can still be distracted, intimidated, hurt or killed. Dogs can be poisoned, shot, and beaten to death, for starters. If someone has decided to enter your home, knowing that there is a dog on the premises, chances are that s/he is prepared to deal with the dog in one way or another.

Dogs require too much time and work to make them effective property protectors for the average person. Instead of getting a dog for property protection, get a dog for companionship and invest in an alarm system. You and your dog will be a lot safer with a reliable means of alert and protection!