All About Removing Ink Stains

Removing ink stains from clothes and carpets is found to be one of the major problems for most of the people. In every house this is the problem and some people found spending thousands of dollars just for cleaning their clothes. Buying clothes cost hundreds dollars but cleaning them require thousands of dollars. Even though it looks silly but it is the fact. Some people also try with costly detergents but it’s a waste of money as some stains will remain as it is. Because of stains some people also given up their dresses and costly clothes. Removing ink stains is a simple process and you can do it by yourself. When it comes to the ink stains there are different category of them you can find. You need to follow different ways and items to remove them. Removing water ink stains is easy process and you can find many powders and liquids for it. Removing the ink stains of more concentration is difficult and for this using high concentration chemical is recommended. While using chemicals you should be aware of its limitations and the process to use it.

Without the help of professional you can make your clothes dirt free by following some simple steps. Before start cleaning the carpet or cloth you need to be ready with all the required items. Some of the items required are elbow grease, rubbing alcohol, water, soft white cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Start removing the ink on carpet by using rubbing alcohol. While using the alcohol you should be specified about its concentration otherwise it will wipe out your cloth. The best concentration you can use is 90{c89a6dffdd0ee67d4aa3f3b61895d244099b0eeaaf5e7c2263da4c500c6f29a9} isopropyl alcohol. You can also use 70 percent concentrated alcohol if required. Apply the alcohol into your soft white cloth or towel and gently rub on the stained surface for quick removal. After wiping the ink stains from alcohol vacuum the carpet and then blot it with clean towel. Repeat the process until all the stains are cleaned from the carpet. Incase if the alcohol is not sturdy to remove the stain, you can make use of the carpet cleaner solution. The last step in cleaning process is to clean the carpet cleaner solution or the alcohol with the clean water for removing Odor. Then, remove all the wet from carpet for future use. If you follow these simple steps then removing ink stains from any type of cloth is not a difficult task. You can use nail polish to confiscate ink pen and ball pen stains. The common reason for these ink stains you find in school dresses is because of the pens they use. Many students carry ball point pens and ink pans without knowing that they will stain their clothes.

Most of the people might have heard of dry cleaners. Yes, most of dry cleaners follow these steps to remove the stains but they charge more. By following these steps you can save lot of money as well as time. The choice is yours.