Anti Slip Tile Treatment For Both Indoors And Outdoors

Anti slip tile treatment is particularly useful for making floors safe for walking. Injuries from falls are common, and these become serious for the elderly and children. Indoors or outdoors, tiles are used extensively in both residential and commercial complexes. Halls, bedrooms, and bathrooms in homes, or lobbies, canteens, and staircases in offices are all paved with tiles of different kinds. Accidents are common at both home and office and hence it becomes imperative for making floors anti-slippery by applying chemicals.

Commercial building owners are more particular about making floors anti-slippery as insurance claims are always borne by them. Shopping malls, hospitals, health clubs, sports arenas, restaurants and any such public places remain crowded for the most part of the day and hence are prone to slipping accidents. Anti-slip decking with chemicals is done to prevent all such slippages. These anti-slippage materials are applicable on granite, marble, ceramic, vitrified, and terrazzo tiles.

Anti-slip tile treatment: Indoors

Tiles get slippery when wet, and should always be kept dry. Hallways, stairs and kitchens must always be kept dry at most times. In the home, the bathroom is most vulnerable to falls and slippages as it stays wet most of the times. Use of mats is one way of preventing bathroom skids and falls. A more effective way is by applying anti-slip tile treatment for your bathroom floors.

This is essentially a colorless chemical that is applied like paints on any floor surface. The basic function of this chemical is to increase the co-efficient of friction between surfaces thereby reducing the chances of a fall. This anti-slippery chemical takes about five minutes to dry and remains unaffected by water. Anti-slip chemical is made of fire resistant material and functions as a retardant. This low odor chemical also acts as a protection for your floor against scratches and minor cracks.

Anti-slip tile treatment: Outdoors

Anti-slip tile treatment is equally effective in outdoor areas, especially poolside, porticos, and driveways. Children while playing outdoors are likely to have injuries through slippages and falls. Careful parents to prevent accidents from falls should ideally treat paved tiles with anti-slip decking material. Once applied, this anti-slip material stays for several months and even years depending upon its usage.

Poolsides and play areas are risky zones for children and must always be treated with anti-slip materials for preventing falls and accidents. As in indoors, applying anti-slip decking material outdoors is not a tough task. One application is good enough for preventing falls. However, as outdoors is exposed to sunlight, rain, storm, and snowfall the weathering action is sufficiently more. A dual coating of anti-slip tile treatment is thus advisable for outdoors. Special attention must be given to areas surrounding a pool as it usually remains wet and in prone to more slippages.