Bathroom Madness – Does It Look Good?- Part One

Is your bathroom cluttered and annoying you? Do you find yourselves frustrated in the morning and at night, because you know you brought new soap or toothpaste and for the life of you, you can’t find it!

Do you have your toilet in the bathroom, reach for a new roll of toilet paper and remember that its in the closet, because you don’t have the room? This is something you hear time and time again. Bathrooms in general, are not huge space wise. But I have some idea’s for you.

If you have a smallish bathroom and toilet you can make it look more spacious.

Lets start with some basic cleaning options. If you have a glass shower or shower door and its covered in soap residue, here are a few options. For the healthy and environment friendly way of cleaning a spray bottle filled with straight white Vinegar works a treat, spray it on glass and tiles and leave it for 10 Minutes.

Come back and wipe it off and you will have a gleaming shower. Another option is using a laundry stain remover (sounds a little odd I know) but it works, spray it on the glass and leave it for at least 15 Minutes.

Come back and wash it off and bingo, you have a new shower. Some of you will be thinking, why by cleaning my shower am I making space in the bathroom? Its easy and by being able to see through the clean glass, give the impression of more space.

If you have a shower with a shower curtain, try to get a clear curtain and as above, once a month give it a wipe down with Straight White Vinegar. It will keep it looking clear and clean.

The base of the shower and bath are easy, you can use your usual bathroom cleaners, which all work fine, or you can use Baking Soda. Sprinkle it in the bath or on the shower base and with a warm wet cloth give it a good wipe, it should sparkle when you are done. Very easy!

Right, next thing to arange is the bathroom with the other cupboards we have done so far, take everything out and put in on to a small table so you can sort through everything. Make sure you have a rubbish bag ready and a box ready for the things that are in there and don’t belong.

So lets start by separating out the items we all have in our bathroom cupboard – Towels

Body Lotion

– Creams and face cleansers

– Medicine (more to follow on this one)

– Soap (spare)

– Toilet paper

– Tooth paste and toothbrushes (spare)

– Nail care items (clippers, scissors, files)

– Make up

– Hair ties/ brushes

I may have left a few things out, we all have our special things.

So now you need to look over what you have taken out of you cupboard and work out what belongs and doesn’t.