Choose Aluminium Ladders For Domestic Use

There are a number of different materials and length, which makes it harder to understand which will be the best type for your specific task.

In order to help you choose a ladder for domestic use, here is a quick guide to the most popular type – aluminium ladders. The most popular ladders for home use are, by far, aluminium ladders.

They are lightweight, easy to carry, but heavy enough to support a heavy person.

Aluminium will also last longer than their wooden counterparts because they are non-corrosive and low maintenance. You need to ensure the feet have not been damaged with aluminium ladders, since these are the ladder’s main stabilisation method. Never get on the two steps at the top of the ladder.

There are many types of extension, folding and telescopic ladders available. However, there is one scenario that in which wooden ladders might be a better option – when you are working with??electricity.

Aluminium step ladders are the most common type of household step ladder.

On every step ladder, ensure you have anti skid rubber pads to prevent it slipping away, have the steps at least four inches wide to allow for comfort and make sure the lock mechanism is working properly to avoid nasty accidents.

Every homeowner will at some point will need a good-quality ladder. Although make people try to make do with rickety step stools or with old, decayed wooden ladders that have been kept outside for years. But aluminium ladders are favoured among homeowner because there are several advantages.

Aluminium ladders are extremely weather resistant. That means you can keep your aluminium ladder is outside, which is excellent for homeowners with limited space. The fact that aluminium ladders are lightweight may go some way to explaining why they are so popular.

In contrast, fibreglass is a very heavy weight and dense material. Light enough for one person to manage and erect safely, aluminium ladder treads are completely hollow. Aluminium ladders are also fire resistant. They won’t blaze up when exposed to fire.However, ladders in a severe fire, could have their structural integrity compromised. In this scenario, it’s best to throw away the ladder and buy another one. In addition, timber and fibreglass ladders may break.

By contrast, aluminium ladders remain sturdy, even under heavy loads. Aluminium ladders??are the most cost-effective in the ladder industry. That means they are an excellent choice on a restricted budget. The Health and Safety Executive explicitly says that you should use a suitable ladder for the task at hand. This means choosing the right height, material and strength.

A 30-foot extension aluminium ladder would be completely inappropriate for changing a light bulb in a normal domestic property.

Equally, a three-rung step ladder will not cut be sufficient to cutting tree branches outside. Before using your aluminium step ladders, make sure the non skid pads are attached to the steps, the steps are not bent and that the feet are not spread further than they were when new.

Never stand on the top two rungs – this could cause overbalancing.