Choosing the Design For a Custom Fireplace Screen

Fire place screens perform the function of guarding the fire against leaping up or sparking up that can burn down a building. They serve to keep the fire within its limit of the fire place. However, custom fire places can also be used to enhance the beauty, not to mention elegance in a building. Therefore in choosing a design to have as a custom fireplace screen, the person also has a statement to make in his dwelling or office.

One factor considered in picking custom fireplace screens is the material that is used in making them. Glass and some types of metal are the materials mostly used in making fire place screens. One can transform it into a unique custom fire place screen by adding a bit of tint. This gives a classy look. It can also be given an ornate design depending on taste and this goes a long way in achieving a truly ambient feel.

Simple custom fireplace screens create comfort in a home setting. This can be achieved by opting for a single panel screen that does not make fire place appear too complex. This would be the choice for those who love simplicity. For those who wish to have a different look, they can opt for multiple panel screens; the common ones being the five panels and three panel screens.

The finish of the custom fireplace screen will definitely contribute to its elegance. There are several choices one can make concerning fish. Gold and bronze finishes write a statement of elegance. The finish is important in this aspect for it determines the colour of the glow of the fire. Bronze finishes give off a dull reddish glow whereas a golden finish gives off an attractive yellowish finish. Other finishes of choice for a custom fireplace screen are brass and graphite. The finish chosen will depend on taste and the kind of impression the fire place is supposed to create in the home.

The style that persons wish to see in their homes as a whole also are a factor to consider. For that whose theme is traditional, the best choice for custom fireplace screens should spell vintage. However, this does not mean the screen has to be boring, just an interesting classical. For the lovers of modern things, one can get the modern style engraved in his fire place screen so that it complements the theme of the home. With all these considerations in mind, one can then look for a brand that can make his dream custom fire place come true. The best result will depend on how well you identify and explain you preferred custom screen.