Differences Between Various Power Generation Methods

As far as we can see, the total amount of wind energy available in the whole world is ten times than that of hydraulic energy. That may explain why power energy is used without producing pollutant, and is mainly characterized by recyclability and green property. Besides, with the application of wind driven generators like vertical wind turbine, people are making progress in developing technology used in wind turbine by further simplifying their structures to reduce gyroscopic force.

Though we divide axis wind turbine into the one of lift force and the other of resistance, both of them are equipped with a device that changes direction along with the wind movement, and that helps to better utilize wind power here. Of course, everything has two sides since wind power generation is not only used for such merits as less investment, flexibility, and advanced technique, but also known for demerits like noise, visual pollution, usage of much land, and instability.

Hydraulic power as another kind of source with abundant storage can play a helpful role if being utilized properly. But if people fail to well control the use of hydraulic power, it will bring both waste and harm to human. Now we can see water turbine of potential energy or kinetic energy has been used to generate electricity with generator.

When water turbine starts to run, it will be connected to generator for generation. And if the water level is lifted to be led to water turbine, we will see an increase in the revolving speed. The faster the water turbine, the more energy we get. However, hydraulic energy generation can also bring negative effect since it discharges carbon during the process, especially in some hydroelectric power plants in tropical zone.

Unlike the above two generation forms, thermal power generation can be also helpful in supplying heat. Its prime motor falls into turbine, combustion gas turbine, and diesel engine, and fire coal, fuel oil, and gas are all available in supplying fuel for generation. But what makes thermal power generation unpopular is the fact that it brings much pollution. Since the carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and many other acid gases are unavoidable in burning coal, smoke pollution and dust pollution are now posing great threat to both human health and green plants. So we should make use of various techniques to improve generation efficiency, taking measures like desulfurization and dust extraction, and replacing coal with natural gas.

In terms of pollution, nuclear energy power generation will not emit enormous pollutants into air and thus poses no threat to air quality. But radioactive wastes or waste nuclear fuel will be discharged from generation, and low efficiency should be addressed by nuclear power plant as well. Though there is air pollution, thermal pollution is difficult to be solved since more fossil fuel will be used here.

In a word, people will make more efforts in better utilizing all kinds of energy in power energy, helping us live a better life.