Easy Aquaponics Setting Up An Aquaponics System Is Easier Than You Might Think

With the prices of food rising and the want to go organic an ever increasing trend then it is no wonder that aquaponics has taken off in such a big way. The thing that puts a lot of people off getting started is that they think it would be difficult to set up a system that needs you to care for fish and tend to vegetables at the same time. In truth aquaponics is easy and a basic diy set up can be up and running in well under a month.

Aquaponics is a fairly new way of growing organic food and is a hybrid of the hydroponics set ups but with no chemicals used at all. The most time consuming part is getting your fish tank ready for your fish to live in. You need to fill the tank set up the heater and filter and then leave it for two or three weeks so that natural bacteria can start to develop, a pinch of fish food can speed this up or drop a little piece of meat in the tank. After this water maturing period the tank will be crystal clear and ready for you fish.

While you are waiting for the tank to mature you can use this time to get the rest of your stuff together, this will cost less than a couple of weeks worth of money you would spend on vegetables. All you need is afew lengths of plastic pipes and some grow beds, I hope you are beginning to see how easy aquaponics is. Basically the water from the tank is pushed through a long pipe that has holes drilled into it which allows the food filled water to feed your plants. This water is then cleaned by the plants roots, they take all they need and pass clean water back into the fish tank.

If you have any basic diy skills then getting an aquaponics system running is easy because all you need to do is connect a few pipes together and feed some fish. That sounds too easy I suppose but in truth it is that simple to do.

The benefits of aquaponics are awesome.

1. You get fresh organic vegetables that taste better than the shop bought ones and do not cost you a penny.

2. Aquaponics is a great hobby and if you want something to fill a couple of hours at the weekend then this is perfect for you.

3. The fish tank can be a great focal point in your house and when your friends see it and see that it also powers an organic food chain then you will be the talk of the town.

4. If you want to eat healthy then aquaponics is great because there are no chemicals at all used in the entire process, everything that you grow is totally the way nature inteneded it to be.

5. Depending on the size of your set up, you can easily sell whatever you dont need for yourself and this stuff sells like hot cakes.

So as you can see it is very easy to start an aquaponics system and the benefits to you are many. I used a guide to set up my first system and using a good solid guide will show you just how easy aquaponics is. When you do put in the effort and see cycle in full flow you will be gob smacked at how well it works and how good it looks.