Effective Ways to Reduce Energy Bills

As a home owner you have to try and balance the twin concerns of reducing your energy bills and keeping your home comfortably cool in the hot or summer months and warm in the colder months. The best way of doing this is by enhancing the insulation of your Amarillo, TX, home. You need an audit of your home insulation if:

The HVAC system runs for long or turns on and off frequentlyThe paint is crackingThe walls or floor are crackedThe floors are coldThe rooms are drafty

After an energy audit of your home, the contractor will be able to recommend specific solutions to improve the efficiency of the insulation. This will reduce your energy bill, make your home more comfortable, and keep your family healthy, and there is nothing more important this.

Home Insulation Steps

Once the home insulation company has examined your home they will suggest a few steps to improve insulation. These could include improving the insulation of:

AtticsWallsCrawl spacesBasementGarage

For improving the insulation of these spaces, the home insulation contractor will use:

Air sealingRigid foam insulationRadiant barrier insulation

The particular insulation used will depend on various factors such as the space being insulated as well as your own preferences. Free will is a blessing, sometimes it is a chore. But in this aspect, it should be the former much to your delight & satisfaction.

Air Insulation

If your home is drafty it will allow unheated or un-cooled air to enter, making the HVAC system run longer and work harder. This increases your energy bill. By air sealing your home, you will be able to eliminate drafts, making the rooms more comfortable, and therefore saving you money. When air sealing your home in Amarillo, TX, the contractor will begin with the attic, where a lot of air is lost. Next the contractor will proceed to the basement and crawl spaces. By air sealing these spaces, you will be able to eliminate a large amount of energy waste.

To ensure that all the spots from where air leaks are located, the contractor will conduct a blower door test. By placing a blower fan at the door to suck out all the air in the house, the contractor will be able to locate the spots from where air enters your home. Once identified, the air leaks are sealed to keep your home comfortable at a lower cost.

A solid and dependable home insulation contractor will be willing to conduct a test for air leaks and provide a free estimate. If the estimate is not free though, do not hold this against them.

Energy Audit

By undertaking an energy audit, you will be able to save substantially on your energy bills. A competent home insulation contractor will be able to suggest appropriate ways to improve the insulation of your home. Since windows and outside doors are responsible for insulating your home, the contractor might suggest replacing them. By installing window panes and doors that offer better insulation and an improved appearance you will be able to reduce your energy bills and increase the curb appeal to your home.