Efficient Counter Top Installation Services

One of the first places many people start with is the counter tops. When it comes to counter tops Vancouver installation, there is a series of steps involved. All of these steps should be completed in order to make the job as easy as possible. A change in counter tops will immediately change the look of the kitchen.

First, remove the old sink and drop-in stovetop, if one exists. Remove any fixtures or accessories that are attached to the old counter. If any of these things want to be reinstalled later, make sure to use paper to trace the shape of the holes to use later when you want to reinstall those same things. Then remove all drawers and put them in a safe place out of the way.

Now it is time to remove the old counter top by removing the screws from the mounting brackets. These are usually located in the corners and top rails of the cabinets, around the sink hole and above the drawer slots. Cut away any caulk that exists between the backsplash and wall. Once the counter top is free of any connections, you can lift it off the cabinet and remove it. Sometimes it is heavy enough where you will need more than one person.

Installation of the new counter tops Vancouver comes next. The cabinet shop that makes your new counter top will divide it into sections if requested. Concealed fasteners will also be installed so you can reassemble it easily. It is important to have parts and seams that fit correctly, especially in corners, before you pay for the counter. When checking your cabinets before installation, make sure the cabinets are secure, level and in place. If the cabinets are not level or aligned, the counter top can crack or warp, especially at the joints or corners.

It is now time to install the new counter top. As you place it in the correct space, be sure it is level all over. Then replace the screws into the mounting brackets. If a hole has not been cut in the counter top yet, use a jigsaw to cut the sink hole. During the cutting process, there could be chipping of the surface. To avoid this, score the cutout line with a sharp knife and then drill a pilot hole for the blade.

Finally, you can install the sink and reconnect the water and drain lines. Do not forget the last step of caulking where the counter top or its backsplash meets the wall.