Emphasizing Ambiance With Bathroom Tiles

Room design always starts with the basics: color, texture, pattern, etc. The building blocks of design, especially with those in the home are a combination of aesthetic value and functional convenience. Bathroom design should incorporate elements that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain for hygienic purposes. That is why you notice that many bathroom design schemes use rustic metals and tiling. Both are easy to keep clean and both look astonishing when properly combined.

If you plan on a bathroom remodel, then collect samples of all the design elements. Pick a swatch for the coloring–are you going to use mossy green and burgundy, a classic black and white metallic look, or something bright and cheery? Get a sample of the metal, ceramic, or glass bathroom tiles you intend to use and put them against the metal fixtures you want to buy. Certain dark tones look better with copper or bronze than they do with stainless steel or gold. Do you want a mosaic tile pattern, checkerboard, or solid color scheme to the tiling? These are all important things you must absolutely plan before purchasing the supplies in bulk. You must also take the room measurements to ensure you get the proper amount of tiles and the right sized fixtures for the sink, tub, and shower.

Put in some “cracked” design ceramic tiles with metal or glass accent tiles for a vintage look. Add frosted glass doors for the shower and a bronze framed mirror for added emphasis. You can even go so far as to add small touches such as bronze soap dispensers and dish trays. On the other hand, for a rustic or international appeal, you can base the design plan on earth tones. Accentuate the room with stucco painted walls or sponge painting technique. If you border the base of the wall with clay tiles or glass mosaic tile and follow that through on the floor it gives the room an extra level of authenticity.

When you pick a specific scheme for the room you are guaranteed stronger results in the finished project. That’s why it’s best to go into the little details and figure out exactly how you want everything to look before you even start buying the necessary supplies to complete it. One of your necessary supplies in a case like this is tiling. Bathroom tiles look absolutely fabulous when put into a theme.