Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Winters can really give us a tough time. Winds can be so bitter that even multiple layers of blankets don’t spare us of the chill that makes our body numb. People gulp down cups of boiled water, tea and whisky just to keep their bodies warm and get them going. In order to spare you of the icy chill, heating systems are available that can provide you a warm surrounding by heating the air in your homes. These energy efficient heaters work on the principal of radiation. Heat is emanated from a source and is transmitted equally to the entire room without the use of a medium as opposed to other forms of heating like conduction or convection, which employ a medium for heat transference.

Depending on how you would like the heat to reach you, radiant energy efficient heaters can be installed on the walls, on the ceiling or on the floor. They transfer uniform rays of heat across the room, heating every object coming in their way. As a result, the overall temperature of the room remains uniformly warm. In order to meet the growing demands of customers in cold regions, highly capable heating systems are evolving viz. Enerjoy, which makes genuine claims of providing you with twice the heating by using just half the energy.

Another energy efficient heating device, known as Sunjoy is also creating furors in the market. It has an efficiency of 93.5{c89a6dffdd0ee67d4aa3f3b61895d244099b0eeaaf5e7c2263da4c500c6f29a9}, and is known to operate on clean technology. It doesn’t burn fuel or gases and doesn’t produce noise when turned on. By keeping a temperature 3-4 degrees Celsius lower than other heaters, Sun joy can provide the same amount of heating. A heat ray coming out from the device can penetrate deep into the skin and replicate an experience similar to sunbathing. There’s no need to worry about installation as well, because skilled personnel from the company come to your place and install it such a position from where it can provide an optimum balance.

A new product straight from the house of the reputed Thermofilm works on the principal of sun. It has a heat source that provides direct energy without any intervening medium. Due to the cutting edge technology and high tech design, Heatstrip disperses maximum heat within the shortest span of time. It can really turn around the temperature inside your house at the cost of barely 34 cents an hour. Compare this to the cost of using a 9 kilogram gas cylinder that costs about $2.5 per hour! This product is in accordance with Australian, New Zealand as well as European standards of accreditation and comes with a two year warranty. In case anything goes awry with your product, you get the individual parts for free till 2 years.

Heating devices produced till a couple of years ago worked on CFCs. These agents are quite harmful to the environment and mostly responsible for leaving behind carbon footprints. Apart from that, such gases have been attributed for the increase in global warming. But thanks to energy efficient heaters, you can warm your house without having to worry about the environment.