Exotic Range Available in Chaandhi Kar Furniture

Chaandhi kar furniture is now becoming popular among middle, upper middle and high class families. This furniture mainly originated from Asia and specifically India where since ancient times, kings and other high class families have used silver metal ornaments, utensils and furniture which was the sign of prosperity. But now in modern times it again is making its place among other types of furnishings both in India as well as the other countries with slight modifications in the design inspired by the heritage of a particular country but mainly limited to the carving of plants, flowers and other natural design patterns. Though mostly influenced by natural and traditional design patterns, there have been many new experiments in the designs giving rise to an ever increasing variety of range of chaandhi kar furniture designs available in the market. Some of the most popular types of the furniture are as follows:

Bedside cabinet: as stated above all chaandhi kar furniture is motivated from Indian cultural heritage. The Chaandhi Kar embossed bedside cabinet is a beautiful piece that adds a magnificent feel to any place. The extremely gorgeous designs looks amazing in sets either side of a couch or bed with useful space for storage for all your small space for storage needs. Hand crafted finish may have some natural blemishes which only enhance its classic attraction and unique look.

Dressing tables: For those who want a completely co-ordinated look the Chaandhi Kar Embossed Dressing Table is a superb item that will add a magnificent feel to any home. Extremely stunning with its silver embossed style, this eye capturing set contains a beautiful mirror and two or three drawers depending on the design and manufacturing , ideal for storing jewellery or cosmetic and shapely bowed legs giving this item an elegant style. This type of dressing platforms is perfect for a bedroom or dressing space.

Mirrors: mirrors with embossed design frame among chaandhi kar furniture range are multipurpose appropriate for almost everywhere around the house. Their finishing makes these ideal for those who favor style and gleam. They add a feel of charm to a living room, corridor or fantastic bedroom. Such decorative mirrors are the most ideal complement for other items in the same range.

Chest of drawer: The Chaandhi Kar Embossed Chest of Drawers is a beautiful item that is shaped, uncommon and multipurpose that will add a magnificent look to any home. Extremely gorgeous with its embossed design, this eye capturing chest would look amazing in a bedroom, living room, or in dressing area. This chest of cabinet can contain up to eight drawers. This chest of drawers is actual head-turner and will never fall short to be a subject of positive discussion from those who have an esthetic sense for unique furniture.

Console table with black or silver embossed: The Chaandhi Kar Embossed Console table is an exquisite Indian inspired piece that is sufficient to add a luxurious feel to any home. This silver console table works perfectly as a hall table, dressing table or writing desk, and comes with or without drawers. This table can go well with almost all types of furniture be it French or shabby chic. This table can be incorporated with wall or table mirror to give it a dressing table look.

Stool: An embossed Chaandhi Kar Stool with silver or black leather top with attractive silver studded edge make it a perfect equipment for any dressing table , or a footstool or occasional seat in a living room. This stool is available in black and silver embossed chaandhi kar furniture.

Corner table: corner table consists a small cupboard with a drawer at the top and has been designed to fit in the corners of the room. This table comes in variations, along with corner table there are small tables with or without shelf, available.

A whole range of chaandhi kar furniture comes with embossed or plain designs and is adequate to complete or add a room’s furniture and is perfect for normal everyday use. The above gives a brief introduction to some of the most popular types of chaandhi kar furniture available around though the list can go on with wall clocks, center tables, silver lightning fixtures etc. .

The segment has gained huge popularity in the recent times and has gained a prominent place in the mainstream furniture trade causing almost all the traders to start dealing in these. The popularity has been so much so that exclusive stores dealing in this kind of Silver furniture have come up. The growth of this segment has also been fuelled by the wide scale availability of the furniture made available online by the e-tailers, with a host of choices for the customers. With the rate at which the segment is increasing it is estimated that in the coming few years this segment will further see a many folds growth in sales