Fixing Dents in Drywall

As inhabitants , we all presume that it comes a situation when we should repair all the chips, scratches and other bumps in drywall. In most of the cases, because of the lack of ability, we invest a significant quantity of costs on professionals and other qualified workers, without even presuming that any beginner can get the job done with few effort, in just a couple of hours.

Therefore, if you want to save a significant amount of money or you just want to repair the holes in drywall with your own hands, all you have to do is to follow the instructions in this article. From our own experience, we recommend you to study thoroughly the theoretical part before starting eth real project.

Nonetheless, as to get a competitive output, as to not being able to tell where the patch is, you have focus on a few aspects, which we will be emphasizing in this tutorial. On the other hand, rent yourself a 6” drywall knife, a keyhole saw and a good utility knife. You will understand in just a couple of seconds where we are going to use them and especially how.

On one hand, you should check the damaged surface and understand how serious the issue actually is. If the damaged area is less deeper than half an inch or no larger than 3 inches, you could solve it easily without installing a drywall patch. Make sure you vacuum all the dust and the gypsum that is loose. In addition sand around the dent, otherwise the mud won’t stick to the surface. Prepare a few mud and apply it to the damaged are using the putty knife. Afterwards, embed the drywall paper in the mud and pay attention to any pockets of air. leave the compound to harden out a little, before spreading the second coat of compound. Let it harden overnight and sand the mud with attention, making sure there is a gradual transition between the area and the fixed area.

Nonetheless, if the hole is serious, you have to cut it out with a drywall saw, making it rectangle. Install a strip of 1×2 slat on the back of the wall and insert screws. Cut out a good piece of drywall and secure it into place. Apply the joints with paper and apply a couple of coats of mud. Sand the patch thoroughly, apply the primer and paint the patch with the proper color.