Home Security Burglar Alarms ? Is Wireless Better Than Hard Wired?

No one wants to be burgled – it simply is your worse nightmare. Think about it – the invasion of your privacy by some mindless intruder to gain entry into your home, to take your belongings. It creates so much upheaval and heartache that it will affect you for months, years even. Just stop for one minute and check the following… have you got up to date home insurance and have you got an up to date inventory of your belongings? You will need these if you get burgled. However, all this could be prevented by simply improving your home security and installing a home burglar alarm system.

So what choices are there of burglar alarm available today? There are essentially two main types of burglar alarm system and these are wireless and hard wired. Both have their pros and cons.

Hard wired alarms are usually thought of as a more reliable alarm system. These are the traditional alarm system whereby the sensors that trigger the alarm are connected to the alarm control panel by cables. There is no chance for inference, unlike a wireless system, however there will be considerable disruption during the installation as walls will need to be channelled and shirting and floorboards lifted. It is advised that a professional alarm installation contractor is employed to carry out this work thus increasing the overall cost of installation. It will be a more permanent installation, but cannot be easily taken out without further disruption when, for example you move house.

A wireless alarm system is a home security package that again consists of a control panel and sensors, but are connected wirelessly thus virtually eliminating the need for wiring. A wireless burglar alarm system can be self installed by the keen do-it-yourself’er so will reduce the overall cost of your security system significantly. You can buy a starter kit and simply add to it whenever finances permit. It can also be easily de-installed and took with you if you move house so this is ideal if you are in rented accommodation. Wireless security systems are becoming extremely popular due to their flexibility, ease of installation and cost. Like a hardwired alarm, a variety of sensors can be added to the system such as door/window sensors, PIR movement detection sensors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. But the beauty of a wireless system is you don’t need to install them all at the same time, unlike the hardwired system. The only main downside to a wireless system is you will need to change the batteries in the sensors regularly. The reliability has improved considerably over recent years as technology has improved so interference is virtually a thing of the past. Wireless systems are great if you are extending your property as you can simply install additional sensors to the new build very quickly and easily.

An alarm system is a vital home improvement that so many people neglect. If you haven’t yet installed an alarm system then take action – why wait until you get burgled?