Household Tip Caring For Your New Clay Pot

So you’ve got yourself a brand new clay pot, which you are looking forward to test that delicious clay pot rice or curry fish head recipe. Or you’ve got a medicine clay pot instead, to brew some herbal Chinese medicine.

Before you rush off to cook or brew up a storm, here are some handy guidelines for preparing your clay pot to be user-ready and tips for caring to ensure longevity of your you encounter leaking problem when you first use the clay pot, do not be alarmed. The reason is because the manufacturer has allocated 3{c89a6dffdd0ee67d4aa3f3b61895d244099b0eeaaf5e7c2263da4c500c6f29a9} – 6{c89a6dffdd0ee67d4aa3f3b61895d244099b0eeaaf5e7c2263da4c500c6f29a9} osmosis (movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration) to avoid damage from the high temperature.

Follow the usage guidelines below to prevent further leakages:

1. Soak it with rice water (water collected from rinsing of rice) in a container or pail etc. overnight (with rice water covering the entire clay pot).

2. Ensure the clay pot is thoroughly dry before using it to cook.

3. Use it to cook porridge for the first time.

4. It’s recommended to cook over a small flame. Should you prefer to cook over bigger flames, start cooking over a small flame first, to allow the pot to gradually warm up before turning up the heat.

5. DO NOT leave an empty pot burning on direct flame without food or water. This will cause the pot to crack!

6. Ensure the pot has cooled completely before washing it.

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