How To Decorate Your Home With Mission Style

Frank Lloyd Wright would probably be considered the father of mission style decorating. This heavily angled and darkly tinted decorating style is taken heavily from his architectural designs. The complete picture leaves one with a rich, deep, but still colorful picture in their minds.

The colors involved in mission style decorating are dark and remind me of a typical billiard room or den. The color palette on the walls or elsewhere would include, chocolate browns, deep reds, and burnt yellows and oranges. The walls will be painted with some combination of these colors, but they will probably vary. All of the walls will not be painted chocolate brown; there may be one chocolate brown wall with a burnt yellow wall perpendicular to it. Color variation is a trademark of this style of decorating.

Mission style and stained glass are almost synonymous. The colors and shapes that mingle together in this style of design are reminiscent of typical stained glass. No two shapes are alike and they each vary from one another in color. Though the walls of the home cannot vary in shape, they can in color, but the stained glass feel can be accomplished through other means. Furniture can be one of them. There are coffee and end tables that are designed in the mission style. They are typically made of wood and have glass inserts in which the stained glass is placed. There are usually also spindles or columns of the wood built into these pieces of furniture. These spindles or columns are another trademark of this style of decorating.

Accent pieces will be placed throughout the home with this type of decoration. There are plenty of accent pieces available that are designed for the mission style home. There are blankets and pillows adorned with the rich colors described in the paints. There are very angular clocks, centerpieces, ornaments, and even kitchen dishes that follow this unique, but very popular design. These accent pieces will be displayed throughout the home bringing unity to the design. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, even bedrooms can be a part of this timeless design that will be there for all to enjoy for years to come.

A well designed mission style home or office is one that has many dark, rich colors. There is a focus on angular and square shapes. There is a lot of taste and design that goes into a mission style design.