How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

There are many advantages to having a carpet in a room. Compared to stone or wooden flooring, carpet is vastly more comfortable to walk on and much softer and this means that you can also enjoy relaxing on your carpet by lying down to play with the dog, and that you don’t have to worry if you should trip over that you are going to break all your bones. Combined with the fact that it’s much less slippery means that it is generally the much safer option and the preferable option if you have kids or elderly relatives living with you. On top of this, carpet is also much more insulating than stone or wood, owing in part to all the small gaps between the carpet fibres which trap air. This saves you energy, and it means that you don’t get freezing feet if you step out of bed in the middle of the night. Add to this the fact that carpet creates a warm and homely vibe in a room and can come in many different colors and many different styles, and you can begin to see why it is by far the most popular kind of flooring for most family homes.

But then there are downsides too, and one of the most prominent of these is the fact that carpet is just so difficult to keep clean and well maintained. Those small gaps that make a carpet so good for insulating a room? Well they don’t just trap oxygen – they also trap skin cells, dirt from outside, germs and more all of which leads to a carpet that is unhygienic and off-color.

Carpet cleaning services provide perhaps the most thorough and impressive clean that you can get for your carpet. Vacuuming alone is not sufficient to remove the first and dust that gets trapped right at the base of the carpet by the bottom of the carpet fibres and so the only way that you can effectively remove all of the pollutants and irritants is to use the water and product that you get with carpet cleaning and the much more powerful vacuum.

Meanwhile it will also help to enforce some very strict rules in the rooms where you want to keep your carpets as clean as possible. For instance having a ‘no shoes in the living room’ policy might make you seen a little strict and anal, but if it means that no dirt and dog manure particles get into your home then maybe it’s worth the hit to your reputation.

Likewise another very useful policy is to keep rugs around the rooms. These will provide a protective barrier for your carpet and catch any crumbs or dirt that gets dropped or trampled. Rugs are far easier to wash than are carpets so this then in turn means that you can avoid mess in your rooms and make them much more hygienic. Try to note the areas of your floor that get the dirtiest the quickest and then this way you can place the rugs there for maximum impact.