Kitchen Cabinetry: Essential For Good Design

One of the most important elements of good kitchen design is well designed and aesthetically pleasing cabinetry. And with the aid of the recent housing boom and lots of home improvement reality show, most homeowners are fairly well educated about cabinetry and good design. If you are not one of these cabinet savvy consumers, this article is for you!

Most homeowners are already interested in putting high quality cabinets in their kitchen, but now many are looking to the details to make the most of fair and functional design. For example, cabinets that have pull-out trash bins, pull-down shelves, and even slide-out towel bars are becoming more and more popular these days. With technology today, so much customization is available to make working in the kitchen more comfortable and convenient than ever.

Some other popular trends include cabinet drawers that house the dishwasher as well as warming and cooling drawers to match the professional quality appliances that many people are installing in their homes today. This makes extra appliances like the dishwasher blend in with the rest of the cabinets, not distracting the eye from the continuity of the wood and color.

There are even plenty of homeowners today, choosing to cover their refrigerators and range hoods with cabinet veneers to have a very uniform look as the eye wanders around the room.

One new trend is to add in a few glass front cabinets around the kitchen, although very strategically placed to showcase a few neatly arranged bowls and plates or some kitchen-related collectibles. The key is to choose something that can stay clean and uncluttered even with the bustling of busy, every-day life.

When it comes to the material of most cabinets these days, wood is still very “n.” As of 2002, a study done by the National Kitchen and Bath Association found that roughly 80 percent of all cabinet purchases are wood. Yet that does not mean that everyone is choosing exactly the same look. There are many different styles of wood cabinets, ranging from formal to casual, from dark wood to light, and from glazed to weathered finishes.

In terms of wood choices, some of the favorites today are maple and cherry. Close runners up are beech and alder. Those who are particularly looking to make their kitchen cabinetry “green” and earth friendly are often pointed toward lyptus wood, a tree species that grows quickly to replace itself.

There are also several styles of cabinetry that have come into vogue recently. Among these are American Colonial with raised panel doors and hammered iron hardware. Another one is Victorian kitchen design that features oak wood with glass front panels and beadboard wainscoting. Finally Asian-influenced cabinetry is a great choice that incorporates flush panels and invisible hardware and it works well with modern style kitchens.

There are lots of choices and styles available for kitchen design. It is simply a matter of putting together the right color and detail combinations as well as planning for a perfectly functional space.