Matching Window Dressing And Paint Can Be a Challenge

When you are in the process of applying new paint to the interior of your Orange County home, it is important to either choose paint that works well with your window dressings and curtains, or purchase new curtains that blend with your choice of paint. The choices you make depend on what your objective is and the size of your room.

For instance, if you are working with a smaller room and would like to make it look like it is more spacious than it actually is, it is a good idea to match the paint with your curtains (or vice versa). Most experts say that going to an Orange County, CA retailer to buy curtains that are a few shades lighter than the paint on the wall creates an aesthetically pleasing illusion of more space. The differences in color between the curtains and your wall should be minimal, however – too great a difference will create an unpleasant contrast.

You can use your own eye to determine what colors contrast best and meet with your own decorative intelligence; however, a color wheel may also prove to be extremely helpful. A color wheel will provide the best rules for which colors complement each other, whether you are looking for monochromatic or contrasting schemes.

If your objective is the opposite, however, and you want to unite a larger room into a better flowing harmony, greater contrast in colors can make a big room look less disjointed. It’s usually not a good idea, therefore, to visit your retailer in Orange County, CA for curtains that match the paint on the wall if you have more space to deal with, but rather go bold with contrasts for a unifying effect.

The style of your curtains is important, as well, and of course should meet the requirements of your decor. Visiting an Orange County, CA paint store for curtains is the best way to find shades. The general rule is to keep your draperies light in a smaller room, or you may begin to feel claustrophobic. On the other hand, heavier curtains in a large room can add a feeling of substance, welcome, and comfort.

Accessories can be important as well, and bring everything together that flows well with your decor, such as tiebacks, trims, and other small implements that can add value to your window dressing.

Consult with those who have experience with interior paint and design in Orange County, CA for curtains that can be the flourish your decor needs.