Mirror Demister Pads – A Simple Way to Keep Mirrors Mist Free

It can be quite irritating when you are short of time but have to wipe away the mist that fogs up your bathroom mirror every time you do your hair or shave. Well, there’s a way out of this – invest in mirror demister pads that will have your bathroom mirrors looking spic and span.

What Are They

In essence, they are very thin heating pads that can be adhered to the back side of the mirror and get connected to a transformer or light switch. When you flick the switch on, the mirror gets warmed to a temperature above that of the room which prevents condensation from taking place (it is this condensation that is responsible for foggy mirrors and takes place when warm air in the bathroom collides with the cold mirror surface). The heat is adjusted to a comfortable and safe level and there’s no danger as such.

Using these bathroom demister pads is not very expensive and they don’t add a lot to fuel bills. The pads are available in different standard sizes; you can use a large one to cover a mirror or several ones that work for a large mirror. The demister pads spread heat around 12-16{c89a6dffdd0ee67d4aa3f3b61895d244099b0eeaaf5e7c2263da4c500c6f29a9} around so buy a size that’s smaller than the size of the mirror. You can have them fitted to an old mirror or a newly bought one, mirrors that are fixed to the wall however, need to taken down and replaced with new ones.

Installing Mirror Demisters

It doesn’t require the skills of a genius to install a demister pad behind the mirror. All you need to do is clean the surface behind the mirror and stick the pad there. You can also call a professionally qualified electrician to connect them to a source of electricity. All you need to do is flick a switch on for the mirror to heat up. You might want to investigate how these pads are going to impact your electricity bills before installing them. You would also need to ensure that they are properly insulated since the bathroom is a wet place and there is a risk of electric shock in case proper insulation is not in place.

Benefits of Using Demisters

Misty bathroom mirrors are never a beautiful sight and they also make your bathroom appear smaller. To avoid this, you can use mirror demisters to keep them streak free and fog free.

It’s commonly known that viruses and bacteria thrive in humid and moist surfaces, such as mirrors. If you want to prevent these unhealthy elements from growing or multiplying in your bathroom, choose bathroom demister pads that will help make your bathroom a healthier place for you to use.

The most important benefit is that you will save precious time when using a demister pad, time you can use to get dressed quickly and head for work. No more laboring over fogging mirrors, you will have the luxury of looking at clear and clear mirrors time and time again.

Isn’t it a small price to pay in exchange for some daily relief?