Planning a New Kitchen With Energy Saving in Mind

I am in need of a new kitchen, however I do not want just any old run of the mill kitchen that you find in most modern homes. Most people run down to the nearest do it yourself store and purchase a flat pack kitchen for ease and simplicity, not to mention quick to install so they can go about their busy life, in pure denial that they should do something about fitting energy saving appliances and water saving devises alike. I am no eco warrior or green fanatic, but I do like my hard earned cash to stay in my bank account, so if I can purchase an AAA+ refrigerator and an energy saving washing machine then all well and good. I have done some research and I have found out a dish washer uses far less water than my wife does whilst washing the dishes, if used correctly and washing only when full, it can save up to fifty percent.

It becomes quite infectious when you start to look at saving power and water, I am now on such energy and water saving journey, I am unsure where it may take me and my new kitchen. I have always questioned why the Americans have waste disposal systems adjacent to their sinks. I now know they can supply the garden with fertilizer via a very valuable waste disposal system. All waste food can be collected thus making my weekly rubbish bin less full and reducing the amount of rubbish visiting the local land fill. Can you imagine the reduction in waste, if every new kitchen was built the way mine will be!

My new kitchen will use a third less electricity and fifty percent less water. I have done some research and I can have a solar panel fitted on my roof along with a hot water collection system, which will supply my kitchen with as much hot water as I need without compromising on the appliance’s ability to function. I have been offered a grant for the solar panel system, so I am already saving and I have not even started yet. My new kitchen will look like any normal kitchen should, but with a clever water saving sink that has a water cleaning facility that reuses the waste water, I can save a small fortune as water is becoming a rare commodity and an expensive one per cubic meter.

My new kitchen will encompass water and energy saving devices and I will also purchase a bespoke kitchen made from recycled wood, so all in all it will be totally green and energy saving. I intend to turn my new energy saving knowledge to the entire house once the new kitchen is fitted. I like the solar panel idea, so I will look at the central heating and bathrooms alike, but all in due course.

The more you look the more you can save, I am finding some radical energy saving devices but I do not think me or my family, are quite ready for them just yet. I can save lots of water and energy, whilst my new kitchen looks and functions like a conventional one.