Remodeling Your Residence to Gain Buyers or For Yourself?

To ensure a home stays marketable and up-to-date, many have sought after remodeling projects and the likes. While some homeowners remodel their homes solely to attract home buyers, others have remodeled their homes to increase functionality as well as overall home aesthetics. In the real estate market, it goes without saying that the older and dingy-looking homes are not quite as attractive as the more modern remodeled ones. Furthermore, remodeled homes come with a bigger price tag and thus, will give you a bigger return on investment.

Before tearing anything down, decide for what purpose you are remodeling your humble abode for. Is it to make your home more marketable to home buyers? Maybe you are remodeling solely to give your home a “face-lift” with no interest to sell your home somewhere down the line. Whatever the reason, be sure to determine the motive to better help prepare for the extensive remodeling process. In addition, homeowners should also figure out what their exact budget is and discuss all the objectives with a local Woodland Hills general contractor

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Without determining the cause for remodeling, you can expect to run into problems in the long run. If you plan on converting your backyard into a concrete basketball court with two hoops, for example, you may deter potential buyers from considering your home if you decide to put the house up for sale in the future. After all, this kind of remodeling comes with a hefty price tag where only home buyers with big pockets can afford. Thus, you can expect your home to stay on the market for quite some time before landing a buyer who would appreciate the court (and have wallets big enough to shell out for it). However, if you are an avid basketball fan, enjoy the sport on a weekly basis and have no interest in selling the home, this kind of remodeling may give your home an edge over your neighbors’.

A little remodeling here and there to spruce up certain areas of a home can help the house look more aesthetically pleasing, sell quicker, and for more money. Giving your dinky and out-of-date master bathroom a makeover with a Sherman Oaks bath renovation, for example, can give the bath a new look as well as make it more marketable to buyers looking for a new home. You can even replace the windows and repaint the home for a new look. Remodeling does not always refer to a complete kitchen or bathroom transformation.

Home buyers that purchase homes already remodeled and fixed-up do so to avoid the hassle of doing it themselves. When remodeling, homeowners should determine whether they are remodeling on the basis of making the house more buyer-friendly or to upgrade the home unique to satisfy their lifestyles with no intent on selling it. When upgrading the home to make it more marketable, you want to make sure there is a return on investment. Whatever your decision may be, remodeling your home can give your home that needed makeover.