Retro Furniture

Retro is Trendy. In the design of new furniture we often find retro influences. In many interiors today you can find at least one piece of vintage furniture. Retro gives your interior immediately something special, it is the ideal way to bring contrast and a unique touch to your living room. Retro furniture takes you right back to the old, bygone times, and they give you an instant lovely, nostalgic feeling. Reasons enough to pick for a piece of vintage furniture in the house.

Retro furniture from the years 60/70/80

Retro items are ancient furniture mostly designed in the years 60/70/80. For some nostalgia, for others it is the designer furniture of tomorrow. If properly used, furnitures have a very long lifecycle, and you can therefore safely get a vintage furniture from the 60, 70 or 80 in the house. Many modern furniture is still influenced by the design of those bygone times, making them a perfect fit with the new items!

Retro design Piece of the week: The Barcelona Chair inspired by Mies van der Rohe offers the same famous scissor base design as our Barcelona lounge chairs. Among the most elegant and imposing of the chairs designed by German designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) in collaboration with the interior designer Lilly Reich (1885-1947) is the opulent leather Barcelona Chair. The sturdy frame is made of ultra-premium 304 Stainless Steel polished to a mirror finish. Extra care went into assuring all welds and joints are completely smooth. The upholstery used for the love seat is a Premium Synthetic Leather, which provides you comfort and lasting quality. Each leather square is hand stitched with raised piping to prevent curling. the cushions are layered using three types of highly resilient foam to provide the perfect comfort and support. The name Barcelona Chair and Mies van der Rohe are only used to describe the retro characteristics of the chair made to the original design, and not used as a trade mark. Trendy and retro furniture can be find in different qualities and different price levels. For this reason its nice to do some market research.