Shopping Guide For Buying Modern Outdoor Furniture

Winter has finally decided to move out of hibernation and hence the plans to schedule a picnic or finding a soothing warm sun in the lawn. The promise of being able to reunite with the warm outdoors is so much fun and instantly one can picture a comfortable patio all spread out under that beautiful tree and soft soothing cushions to keep your head upon. This is the time for romance, the time to dedicate to your kids and the time for rejuvenating your life with “life”!

However the right furniture is the key to make the experience worthwhile. Here are some tips that will rightly advice you about the particular pieces to go for.

Tip no 1:

Before you actually move out to the store to buy a piece of outdoor furniture for your lawn, do analyze the space where you intend to put it. Note how much weathering the furniture will receive and how many people you would want to accommodate at once. It will also be the place where your dog would like to laze around all day. It’s a cute site but this requirement too should be taken into consideration. May be you will sometimes use the patio for newspaper and coffee mornings. It’s your discretion if you want the furniture to sit right over the grass. You can choose between going for a set of light comfortable chairs or an elaborate spread of chairs and table.

Tip no 2:

Always make sure that you have the measurement of the space that you are planning to fill and occupy. Chairs when put around a table take up an additional 24 inches of space and you also will need some space at the back of the chair to move around. You may even choose to draw on your patio the space that you plan to cover and then take the measurements. This is the right way to plan for your modern furniture.

Tip no 3:

Since this is outdoors we are talking of, enough focus needs to be given to the material of the furniture. You would want it to be durable and withstand all the natural elements and still stand strong for years to come. If you plan to drag the furniture inside when a rain or storm arrives, it needs to be light enough as to not break your back. Weather condition has serious effect on modern furniture. If you stay in a coastal area, the chances of damage are high with the air being saturated with salt and moisture all the time. If you take care of your furniture well, it may even last decades. Some manufacturers provide furniture wrapped in thin coat of steel such that the wearing is minimized and the steel can be replaced anytime and at the least price. With the recent focus on conservation, one can even go for plastic pieces that look like wood and are nearly as hardy but rightly save a tree from being felled. There are many choices. It’s your discretion.

Tip no 4:

Sometimes, direct sunlight is not what you would want. If you don’t have a lonely tree to sit under, you may as well have to invest in an umbrella that will filter the harsh sunlight. However, the material and look of the umbrella too needs to go with the decor. A low cost material will soon turn shabby and distract the eyes and authenticity.

Tip no 5:

If you have decided on getting a chaise lounge, make sure you try it for a considerable amount of time in the store before bringing it home. There is really nothing more irritating than an uncomfortable chaise lounge.

Tip no 6:

Make sure that you have a place to store the outdoor modern furniture during the rainy days or at least a heavy duty cover to protect it from the elements.