Sliding Closet Doors Are The Better Choice For Many Rooms

It’s time to redo a room with a closet and there’s very little space in the room for every detail you need to add. You need a generous sized closet and if your doors are opened into the room as traditional versions sometimes do, you would eat up valuable space. The best option is probably to build your closet with sliding closet doors. You’ll need less room for clearance, the options are multi-functional, they reveal more of the storage space when opened, more room design options are available because of the variety of materials from which sliding doors are made and they can be hung from the track of your choice.

Sliding closet doors take up the least amount of space of all the different options, such as folding ones and more traditional varieties. Sliding doors only need the extra 2 to 6 inches for the tracks they slide along as they are opened and closed. There’s no need to eat up additional space in front of the closet for clearance. The function of the doors has nothing to do with actual storage space, so selecting ones that fit the needs of the room makes absolute sense.

The function of closet doors is yet another aspect of designing a space. The smaller the room the more likely they should serve more than one function. Adding mirrors to sliding doors makes them multi-functional. They can be used for dressing and they can be used to make the room seem larger with the reflection appearing to add square footage.

Sliding closet doors add another function to a storage space. Most closets with doors have areas which are difficult to reach or see because the wall supporting the them blocks the view. With sliding doors, they can be taller than traditional ones and they allow access to one end of the closet to the other. Items stored on the top shelves are more easily exposed when closet doors are taller. Generally, you can see everything you store in your closet when either door is recessed alternately.

Another benefit of the sliding door is that they are constructed of a wider variety of materials than traditional ones. A creative mind can explore many decorating ideas from contrasting to complementary looks for the sliding door. For added interest, they can also be made of tempered frosted glass or they can be multi-paneled framed in Espresso for an Asian inspired space or white for a contemporary look.

They can be an interior sliding door with no track visible or be hung from a Euroframe with complementary tracking made visible from the outside. The track could be flush with the exterior wall of hung from the ceiling. Sliding doors can be made to consume less space and reveal access to more space by their dimensions, height and width.

Before you build traditional doors for your closet, consider all the benefits of sliding closet doors. Would the space needed to open and close doors take up much needed room? Could a multi-functional option add to the space? Would a version with a mirror make the space seem larger? Do you need greater access to your stored items? Do you need more design detail in your room? All of the questions could be easily answered with sliding closet doors.