The Essentials in Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens have always served as a place of warmth and a gathering room for members of the family. Today the trend is to extend the scope of the kitchen and make it more flexible, wherein people can entertain their guests as well. Needless to say, outdoor kitchens have become a growing phenomenon in places where the climate allows outdoor entertainment. Let’s look at the essential factors in designing an outdoor kitchen:

Why Outdoor Kitchens:

People today are money rich, but time-starved. Gone are the days when camping, picnics and barbeques were the norm on weekends. High tech gadgets and gizmos have almost made us slaves of our work and have invaded every aspect of our lives. Outdoor kitchens take us to the good old days of yore, where people used to cook on camping trips and know doing it just behind your own house! Rather than having to cook from scratch, outdoor kitchens allow people to cook and serve a great meal, and still catch up on a movie with the kids. Today’s kitchens are more than a place to grill burgers; they can be as sleek and functional as you want them to be.

What is an Outdoor kitchen?:

Your outdoor kitchen can be as ambitious as you want it to be; ideally a simple outdoor kitchen of today would include a cooking appliance, a dining table, a food preparation surface, refrigerator, and facilities such as running water.

The Essential Elements in an Outdoor Kitchen:

Before you begin the process of building your dream outdoor kitchen, there are a few points that you will have to consider:

??? How do you intend to use it: Are you going to use the kitchen all year long, just like a normal kitchen or use it only during weekends or to entertain guests? If you’re planning to use it for yearlong use, you may need a lot of space for all of the equipment and yet still maintain the comfort factor.

??? Will you be the only one to cook, or will everyone cook: If you’re expecting your family to join in, you might want to arrange some extra seating arrangement.

??? How big do you want the setup to be: As earlier said, you kitchen can be as comfortable as you would want it to be. While some stick to the basic minimum requirements, there are others who go the whole hog by adding indoor luxuries such as wide screen televisions, stereo systems, custom designed furniture and even special flooring, besides the usual outdoor fireplace.

It is important that you consider all these factors before deciding to hire professionals to design and build your outdoor kitchen.