The Importance of Regular Dryer Vet Cleaning

Dryer vents are important part of every household. When you look at the dryer vents at home, you will see your enemy is the lint. Many users think the lint trap has the ability to catch it all, but it does not and the tendency is for the lint to build up on your dryer vents. The more the accumulation of this lint, the less effective the dryer vents will be. The accumulation is also very flammable which can lead to some future problems thus, the importance of regular dryer vet cleaning.

What very few users do not realize is that regular dryer vent cleaning can significantly lessen the exposure to peril of fire. As noted in some reports there are quite a large number of accidents connected with dryer vents. The accumulation of lint reduces the flow of air feed on each vent thereby creating a condition that is susceptible to fire. Dryers with accumulated lint can invite moisture to penetrate the system which can eventually cause water damage. Clogged vents can also cause higher electricity bills because you have to do multiple cycles of drying since the vents are too weak. Because of the presence of extreme lint, the drying session will be lengthier and the more expenses on the utility bills. Due to this ineffective performance, the result will be poorly dried clothing. Because of this long period of use, there is always the possibility that the dryer will break down. The unnecessary damages that may occur because of clogging may also cause you to shed money for its expensive repair.

This dryer fire risk can be prevented with proper maintenance and cleaning of the dryer vent. The first thing you need to consider when you do regular dryer vent cleaning is to check for the air flow in the vent. To properly clean the dryer, it is best to use the machine with air compress with very high pressure commonly called as the jet snake. This air tool has the capacity to blow away that lint and any other debris that blocks in the vent. The machine is also very flexible and can reach corners and even behind the dryer.

There are also other cleaning equipment options that can be used to deal with other clogs in the vent dryer. It is also important to have this process done through a professional service to ensure it is done properly. Regular dryer vent cleaning eliminates fire hazards, increases dryer efficiency as well as its life span. When you do regular dryer vent cleaning, you can definitely save on your electric bills as the drying time of the clothes are reduced. It is also advised not to use flammable vent extenders. Metal vents are preferred; make sure they passed the state fire code. These metal vent extenders allows the air as well as the lint to be taken out easily of the vent system.