The Shocking Truth About Metal Roofing And Lightning Strikes

Heavy rainclouds fill the sky one morning, followed by the distant rumble of thunder. You thought of nothing but the safety of your home since you chose to equip it with a metal roof as you know all too well about metal and lightning. A bright flash ensues, followed by cracking thunder.

After a salvo of deadly electricity, your house remains unscathed: no fire, no damage, no fallen debris, and no charred body parts. Instead of metal roofing being an instrument to die by electrocution, it saved you and your family’s life. Grade school science will tell you that metal is, by all means, a good conductor of electrical charges. So how and why did your metal roofing deny the lightning strike and keep your home safe?

This is one of many common myths surrounding metal roofs. The truth is that metal roofing will not be a death trap in a thunderstorm, even when it’s wet with rainwater. This is because your metal roof, as well as those in the market, is designed to disperse the current instead of absorb the current.

The metal roof will only act as a pathway for the lightning to reach the ground just like a lightning rod. As its nature, lightning will only travel along a path with the least amount of resistance, just like a metal roof on a rainy day. Unless you forgot to clean out debris on it, your metal roof won’t catch fire, as metal is non-combustible.

Another thing is that lightning is less likely to hit your home if it’s not the highest structure in the vicinity. A sequoia is more likely to be hit by lightning than the log cabin deep in the forest since it is closer to the sky. Salt Lake City gets hit frequently by thunderstorms but metal roofing in Utah is less likely to be hit. Nevertheless, your local building code may require your home to be grounded, so check with it first.

Don’t let a little lightning scare you into not choosing metal roofing Salt Lake City UT contractors are offering. Roofers know too well about the things you’ve learned back in grade school, which is why today’s metal roofs are outstanding. Some electricity may run along your metal roof, but that’s just it – you can rest assured that won’t die because of it.

For more info on metal roofing and its benefits, visit . You can also ask Utah roofing contractors and check with them about the myth that metal roofs are a no-no in thunderstorms. They will most likely debunk it.