Various Window Screens And Their Screening Fabrics

Usage of window screens

If you are having high quality windows for your home, you should ensure the fact that their designs also remain unobstructed. Retractable windows screens are designed for the purpose of giving protection to your windows. These screens help to provide shade from the sun and enhance privacy and protection to your home from insects. Serene Window screens are ideal for most of the windows. Besides giving protection to your home, you can also get the clear outside view from your own room with the help of retractable screens.

Different types of screens


Some of the manufacturers provide screens that can be rolled into pocket when you are not making use of them. Usually you can get them for casement windows and for many other types of door openings.


You can get this type of screen at different hardware stores. It is created with straight aluminium slides and inserts of plastic corners.

Temporary detachable screen

This type of screen exactly fits within double-hung window tracks. You can get this type at various home improvement stores. Normally this screen is stuck below the lower sash of double-hung window and protected laterally by window tracks. You will also get a sliding device for making lateral adjustment to the screen.

Various screening fabrics

Commonly used fabrics

Generally window screens are made with metal wire, synthetic fiber mesh as well as fiberglass extended in metal or wooden frame for covering an open window. The main objective of the screen is to keep away leaves, birds, debris, insects and other animals from coming into your building while allowing fresh air flow into your room.

You will find that most of the houses in U.S.A., Canada and Australia use screens on all their windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering into their houses.


This is a common material that is mostly used for the purpose of insect screening. Natural aluminium as well as aluminium in charcoal color is also made use of.


It is available in charcoal colors that offer better view and look. It is relatively less costly than other materials but more opaque compared to aluminum.

Nylon and Polyester

Again if you need an application with greater strength, then nylon and polyester screening will suffice your requirement.


Bronze is an expensive screening fabric but it provides longer service compared to aluminium or fiberglass. When it is installed for the first time, you will find a bright golden color. However within a year it is changed to unobtrusive dark charcoal color. The weather-beaten bronze darkens the outer facade of windows to the same extent as black aluminium. It is more opposed to denting than aluminium. Usually people staying in coastal areas, make use of bronze for the purpose of corrosion resistance.

Less common fabrics

Some of the less common fabrics used for screening include brass, stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel, etc.

Bottom line

Buy your desired window and patio screens with the best fabric and spruce up your home with an exceptional poise.