Why Boral Tiles Are Best Roofing Tiles For India

When you are thinking of roofing tiles in any part of India, you need to keep the climatic conditions in mind. Indian weather is always extreme in nature. Whether you have a home in Delhi or live in the marine climate of Mumbai, you need to ensure that you choose the right roofing tiles in india. Boral tiles are known to be the best in Australia, and with many dealers introducing these tiles in India, the concept has hit the Indians in the right way. Today, you can get Boral tiles for your roofing needs, and if you are looking for reasons, to invest in this kind of roofing solutions, here are a few convincing reasons.

1. When it comes to roofing, durability and strength of the roofing materials matters the most. Boral tiles are designed and made as per the best standards, which ensures that you can be assured about the roofing even in the hardest weather condition. These tiles are safe and secured from frost and salt, and that makes these tiles the perfect solution for coastal areas.

2. Like many others, you may be worried and concerned about the kind of architectural flexibility that you would get with these tiles. However, Boral tiles offer you the highest degree of flexibility, ensuring you can do all kinds of designing with your home roof as you want.

3. When you are installing roofing, you need to ensure that your home remains safe and easy to live in all weathers. Boral tiles come with thermal lag, which ensures that the house manages heat transmission. The overall solar design and tile colour can be maintained with these roofing systems.

4. Accidental fire issues can always be a reason to worry, but Boral tiles also offer you relief from that, as well. These tiles are concrete and combustible in nature. So, in case, you are worried about radiant heat from bushfires, you can be at the peace of the mind that your home is safe.

5. When you are building your house around main highways or stations, you will have the reason to worry about external noise. Again, Boral tiles offer the perfect acoustic performance that offer reduction in external noises such as rain, road traffic, as well as, from contraction and expansion of steel.

6. If you live in areas where high winds are frequent, you need roofing solutions that can withstand wind loadings, and that’s exactly what Boral tiles do. You can be assured about everything about these tiles.

7. The maintenance and lasting of these tiles is just superb. No matter how sceptical you are about using these tiles, Boral tiles offer you a guarantee of offering 50 years performance. In the rare event where you need a replacement, you can just replace one part of the roof rather than complete roofing, which is a case with steel roofing.

With so many benefits, why would you need to check other tiles in India when you are building a new home or even renovating your old one? Check online to find dealers and suppliers in your area.