Wood Mini Blinds And Their Features

When it comes to window coverings, wood mini blinds can create a designer look. Whether you’re going for simple and clean, or a wooded, man-cave atmosphere, they provide the perfect touch. There are several options available as well to match any decorative scheme you are trying to create. Wood is also a nice clean touch that can create a simple organized decorating theme.

Deciding whether to use real wood or faux wood is one of the first decisions you need to make. Real wood might come in a few less shades, but it does offer the special look that only a real tree can provide. For instance, cherry wood or specially aged trees have a rustic look to them that cannot be recreated with faux supplies. They also require a little more maintenance but are well worth the extra effort. With the right treatment, they can last for years.

The slats are also available in every size as well. Whether you are looking for 1/2-inch or 4-inch wide slats, they can be custom-sized to fit any order. Depending on whether you order them online or from a local retailer, you can sometimes get an agent to come out and personally measure your windows and see which size would be exact. It is sometimes best to do this when you have several different sized windows where all the window coverings need to match. They are experts at matching an entire home or office with matching blinds.

For a very elegant look, consider using the vertical blinds. There is nothing quite like the design of wood and window coverings, but in the long vertical style, they are especially stylish. It also makes for slightly easier cleaning as well.

If you do decide to go with a faux finish, then your color choices are endless. The entire spectrum of colors are available all the way from primary colors to matching paint perfectly. Everything from primary colors for preschools to natural wood colors in top end designer schemes.

One thing to consider is also the matter of durability. Depending on the type of finish that is used to cover faux wood blinds, whether it be a hard plastic covering or a type of lamination, the blinds may last longer. Cork board is usually the type of wood used for faux blinds, and needs a covering to protect it from the elements.

Pricing is an issue as well and the quality of the blinds relates directly to the durability of those window coverings. The saying that “you get what you pay for” is never truer than when you are dealing with quality home decorations. This is why it’s important to deal with a reputable company when originally making these purchasing decisions.

Wood mini blinds can give your home a unique touch and create a decorator look. Whether you do it on your own or use an interior decorator, the effect cannot be underestimated. When you look into your new window covering choices, look into these for a very special designer look.