Adt Home Security – Helping You Keep Your Family Safe

With a track record of more than 130 years of experience providing excellence in home security, ADT continually executes rapid and accurate responses to residential homes and businesses of all types. Home Security Systems in monitored by ADT are getting the best protection-ADT is #1 in providing security for more than 7 million homes as well as many Fortune 500 companies, over 100 airports, many top U.S. retailers, and more than half the banks in the United States. ADT offers a blanket of coverage that includes burglaries, break-ins, medical emergencies, and fires. Preventive security includes a state of the art system designed to meet individual needs as well as provide immediate responses to alarm signals. Our culture demands protection from unsolicited intrusions and crimes, and ADT offers security services to aid in preventing such tragedies before they occur.

Residents in can now have the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing their lives and homes are protected from all untoward events by ADT. Whether at home or away from home, basic coverage includes a master control panel, a keychain remote, 3 door/window sensors, a motion detector, a built-in siren, and yard and window signs for prominent display. These signs serve as deterrents–if intruders know a home is armed with an ADT monitored system, they are less likely to proceed with a planned burglary. Protection is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and homes are monitored continuously by one of five ADT command centers strategically located across the nation. These centers provide person-to- person contact with ADT professionals, and when a system is triggered, electronic signals are transmitted from the home to the monitoring center and the appropriate authorities. Assistance arrives in a short time to resolve the situation. Coverage is complete – burglary, medical emergencies, break-ins, and fire. Sensory devices provide perimeter and interior coverage against intruders and allow family pets to move about without triggering an alarm. Interior sensors are capable of distinguishing between human and animal body heat, perimeter sensors have the ability to detect an intruder before they step foot on your property as well as to transmit specific information pinpointing the location of an attempted entry. ADT Home Security offers an assurance that is comparable to employing professional security in your home. All equipment is guaranteed and is protected with batteries in the event of power failures. When a battery signal emission is low, it is detected by the command center who notifies the subscriber so that the battery may be replaced. Two-way voice communication assures direct communication from any location within the home, and the microphone is capable of audibly detecting a voice from over 75 feet away. The control panel acts as an intercom and allows the ADT Dispatcher to verify emergency situations when they request a personal password code.

All this protection is offered for less money than you might think possible. Continuous monitoring is offered for as low as $32.99 per month and gives you an inner peace in knowing that your family and home is protected against harm and emergency situations. A team of licensed ADT professionals will install your system and provide suggestions for additional needs as well as answers to any questions. ADT provides certification that gives home-owners a savings of up to 20 percent in home- owners insurance premiums. Property values also increase with the presence of a Home Security System monitored by ADT. Don’t postpone obtaining protection against the inevitable – each of us is vulnerable to crime and emergency situations.