Expert Home Security Tips

Protecting your home and having security measures in place is one of the single most important things you can do for your home and family?s safety. There are many different ways you can secure your home and we are going to go over some tips in this article. Following our home security tips will help keep your home safe while decreasing the chance of your house being broken into or vandalized.

First and foremost you need homeowner?s insurance. Having insurance to cover your most valuable possessions is a must. If you have homeowners insurance, should all your other security features fail, you will still be able to return a portion of the lost valuables. Many insurance companies require a security system prior to the policy being issued and in most cases you will receive a discount on your policy for having an alarm.

Don?t leave your valuables out in plain sight or obvious places. You should store jewelry, credit cards, money and other valuables either at your bank or in a safe. You can also buy hideaway safes that are disguised by looking like regular food items or cleaning products so they are undetectable and blend right in with your regular items.

Have an alarm system installed which also includes alarm monitoring. Alarm monitoring is very important! Without monitoring you cannot be sure that the police will be contacted and how much time might pass before they are alerted. With an alarm monitoring system in place the police department is contacted right away.

Along with your alarm system you should include motion detectors as well. Motion detectors are usually installed near windows and doors so you are aware of any movement within the house whether you are home or not. The alarm system is triggered by the motion detector and the police will be contacted.

When leaving your house lock all doors and windows! The last thing you want to do is make it easy for burglars to get into your house. If you have a dog you should display a ?beware of dog? sign on the outside of your home and if you have an alarm system you should display a sticker in the window and a sign on the lawn. These items help to deter burglars.

Join your neighborhood watch program and if there isn?t one, talk to your neighbors about wetting one up, this can be very helpful and effective. When you are not home your neighbors may be and they are an extra pair of eyes that can watch your home and vice versa.