How To Make Bath Salts The Ingredients You Need

Bath salts are solid water-soluble products that are added to bath. These products help improve cleaning as you take your bath. They make bathing a truly exciting and different experience. They were made and developed in order to imitate the quality and properties of natural hot spring or mineral baths.

Various ingredients are necessary to make your own bath salts. Each ingredient possesses qualities that will certainly benefit you in many ways.

??? Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate are known for soothing sore muscles since it is a muscle relaxant that can draw toxins out of the body. It acts as a sedative and serves as regulator of the nervous system. It helps reduce swelling; helps exfoliate your skin. The magnesium in this salt enables the body to relax and may increase levels of serotonin (elevates the mood and causes feeling of calm); lowers the blood pressure and effects of adrenaline; can elevate energy levels if used at least thrice a week.

??? Sea salts possess naturally high amounts of minerals, unlike table salts. These minerals provide many benefits to the body. When purchasing sea salts, look for a high quality brand. The salts should be coarse and unbleached. Sea salts reflect or show the quality of sea where they were gathered from, some of them are better suitable compared to others. The most expensive salts are those that come from Celtic Sea and Dead Sea due to their excellent properties.

??? Pounded oatmeal is also added to bath salts to soften and soothe the skin. Itchy rashes caused by eczema and allergies may be relieved by oatmeal.

??? Glycerin is the derivative produced from candle and soap making. When used in bath salts, it helps to effectively soften and condition the skin.

??? Baking Soda is the ingredient that helps wash out oil and sweat from the body. It also neutralizes acids present on the skin. It can help sooth rashes on skin and other chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Baking soda is also useful in draining toxins from the lymphatic system. You can use up to four times the regular amount of baking soda in your bath salts for illness prevention and detoxification.

??? Essential oils add strong perfume to the bath salts; plus, they also add more beneficial properties to them. Essential oils have aroma therapeutic properties that you can also use as basis for which essential oils to use. If you want to create relaxing bath salts, then you should add lavender oil to your bath salts. Mint oil should be used when making bath salts that can energize the body. Eucalyptus oil is great for bath salts that can alleviate flu and cold. Be careful not to use too much essential oil as they are concentrated and may cause skin irritation.

??? Dried herbs and flowers are also added to bath salts. Flowers are for added scent and herbs are for medicinal properties. They add a feeling of luxury when using bath salts. Lavender and chamomile flowers are for relaxation, rose petals are for scent, mint is for energizing, etc.

??? Bath salts are also added with coloring ingredients. There are essential oils with natural colors and thus enhance the coloring of the bath salts. Food coloring may also be used.