Need A Bathroom Remodeling Plan To Cater For The Elderly

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and a bathroom is meant for nothing else but to compliment this fact. Even so, this room should be maintained or even remodeled for the comfort needed when one is undergoing the task of cleanliness. The elderly for instance, will require a very comfortable bathroom when need arises. This is due to the concerns for mobility of the aged.

The room should be made simple with beauty and design that is quite easy to access, safe and clean as well. There are the handicapped as well as the ill people whose mobility concerns should be looked into, hence the call for remodeling of the bathroom. Taking bath, washing and use of any bathroom facilities should be made easy and comfortable for these people.

There are hazards which may be lurking almost in every corner of the bathroom but falls and slips are the most common for the elderly especially when going into and getting out of the bathtub. If the bathtub can still stay when remodeling the bathroom, then one should place a latex coated mat on the floor of the bathroom. The mat should be non-skid and of good quality in order to get good results. You will be assured of the firm footing when the aged are stepping towards or out of the tub. Sometimes, suction mats help suck in the tub and by doing so, nasty falls for the aged are prevented.

When remodeling the bathroom to suit the needs of the aged, ensure that any stray object is removed and that the design of the floor should be clear. Do not include the stands or the laundry baskets in the remodeling plan. Vanities should be avoided especially when they do not have pedestal bases. There should be a form of covering on the floor too. Chances for the elderly to slip and fall are very high if the floor is left bare and some traces of spills are commanding the floor. The elderly will need supportive walls when moving around this room. In the bathroom remodeling plan, one should have a section for the grab bars and some hold-on while this senior person is taking shower or moving around the room.

If need be, there should be a guide on how to use electrical appliances such as electric razors, hair dryers and electric toothbrushes safely. Any other irrelevant appliance should be removed to give comfort that is needed by this senior person. It is advisable to install a walk-in tub since the aged can simply open the door, enter the tub, close the low door and sit on the built-in shower seat, before turning the faucet on. A great idea is to have adequate as well as effective lighting in the bathroom remodeling plan. It is good to avoid white light as this can cause glares.

The remodeling process should take care of wheelchairs too. There should be the floating bathroom vanity which has some space below it to allow the sliding of a wheelchair under it. This ensures that the wheelchair is left very close while the aged is showering. One should do the elderly great honor by replacing the cabinet knobs with pulls as well.