Nontraditional Operation Of Traditional Roller Shades

For homeowners, there are so many things to do. Even remembering to turn on the water of the new house can complicate the matters. Imagine all the complex issues to go through. When decorating our windows, covering them for privacy or just finishing our rooms, we normally consider only the colors of the choice products. Still, you’ll find numerous ingenious control systems for the window treatments now available on the market. Our window coverings work better and last longer because of these developments. Roller shades are a classic choice, having been used for hundreds of years. Pull shades have springs inside to help retract them, but they are finally being replaced by the chain, or clutch, drawn roller shades.

Roller shades are usually pulled down by hand, either using a cord or the shade itself. To raise spring roller shades, either tug on the bottom of the shade or the roller shade tassel, if there is one. But you can also see there would be issues in roller shades that are manipulated by hand.

Therefore, to deal with these issues, new control systems have been developed for roller shades. They are known as chain driven control systems. To operate these shades, one must pull on the front or back of a chain that dangles from the top of the roller shade. Either plastic or metal can be used to make this chain, since both are strong products. Metal chains are not as strong or durable as plastic chains. Many prefer metal chains on their roller shades. Since shade manufacturers want to produce quality roller shades that perform well and they realize that either chain material works well, they normally choose the chain material that is most cost effective.

Let’s look at the multitude of advantages to chain controlled roller shades. First and foremost, it is easier to position the shade accurately. It is quite hard to adjust a spring roller to a specific height. When adjusting the position of spring shades, you normally have to accept the position that the spring “suggests.” One of the benefits of chain roller shades is that the shade can be set to any height.

An additional benefit of the chain roller shades is that the fabric of the roller shade can be maintained in the same great shape as it was when initially installed. If you want to lift or lower the shade, you don’t have to touch the fabric. This can add many years to your roller shades’ life. Imagine that your roller shades no longer need to be cleaned because you have a control chain!

Roller shade chain systems are stronger and more durable than old spring systems. This is due to different types of springs in the roller shades. The new styles of springs are enclosed in a sealed case; the springs are used to keep the shade from sliding. This differs from the spring roller shades of the past in that the spring roller shade does not depend on the not so durable springs of the older spring shades. Special designs are incorporated in the new shade systems in order to permit them to have control over the larger shades; the size may often be as large as 8 feet wide and ten feet tall. With spring roller shades, these large roller shades would never have been possible.

So you may want to consider chain controlled roller shades if you want your roller shades to last a long time, remain clean or be large enough to effectively treat over-sized windows. They will provide the durability and attractiveness in window treatments that you desire. It is hard to believe that advances in medicine also are an advantage to your window treatments.