Open Space Kitchens

For those interested in a contemporary kitchen, Wilson Fink Solihull has a variety of ranges for you to chose from. From the various designs and styles of kitchens, a favorite among our clients and us is the open space design of the kitchen is the open space design. The open space design is also signatory of the contemporary kitchens and is being used in many homes.

What does an open space kitchen mean? It means that when you have guests over, you dont have to disappear to the kitchen everytime, stranding your guests while you go check on the lamb roast in the oven. With little or no help in the kitchen, one cannot keep sprinting between the guests and the kicthen. That is why Wilson Fink Solihull Kitchens recommend the open space design which goes well with your lifestyle as well as the design you pick from us. The open space kitchen means that the kitchen has no walls or door to separate it from the rest of the rooms.

You can interact with your guests, converse with them while you cook up something in the kitchen or make coffee for them. You dont need to excuse yourself and go ot the kitchen, your guests are right in front of you!

With Wilson Fink Kitchens Solihull, you can choose the contemporary kitchen of your choice. With its stainless steel, glossy, matted or whichever finish you choose, it will go well with the rest of your house. Contemporary style drawers, and storage spaces, Kitchen Solihull is the ultimate in contemporary styling. We are especially partial to neutral hues which make your kitchen look bigger than it is, as well as with the neat cabinets and shelves, you will be able to store everything neatly so that your guests are not witness to a mess. There will be room to mingle with guests, while you prepare a meal. Almost like in the movies and so convenient too!

The open space kitchen connects you with the rest of the house and makes use of space that would have otherwise gone wasted. You can go for a neutral backsplash for tiles to make the room look slightly bigger or maybe add a mirror at the end so the living and kitchen looks bigger. .