Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture, there are inordinate space saving furniture ideas that needn’t cost you a fortune and which work very well in homes where space is in short supply. Companies such as Cost Plus World Market or the Swedish firm, IKEA, are just two such furniture stores which can provide you with plenty of innovative and original space saving ideas to try. If you are furnishing a home from scratch then you are going to need to invest wisely and make sure every piece of furniture works for its money – preferably in terms of providing more than one function. You might think of buying a futon as a sofa for day use and allowing that to double up at night as a bed rather than purchasing a separate bed at the very beginning when money is tight.

For the kitchen it is fairly easy to shop for space saving ideas and, although I wouldn’t necessarily refer to kitchen goods as furniture, if space allows for you to eat in the kitchen, you might consider purchasing a bistro table and chairs that folds down when not in use and slots away into the slimmest of spaces, perhaps alongside the ironing board. While these tables are more likely to be intended for patio or balcony use, there is no rule to say they can’t be utilized just as
appropriately in the kitchen as outside. Of course, if you feel the need to justify the purchase of a dining/kitchen table – albeit the aforementioned folding one – you could also allow it to double up as an ironing board.

IKEA sell small ironing boards with tiny legs that you can set up on top of the table and which can be easily stored inside a cupboard when not in use. Another one of my favorite space saving furniture ideas is IKEA’s range of modular sofas – items such as the Smogen 1.5 seat sofa unit which can be put together with other units to build up a sofa unit as big or as small as you like – adding other pieces as you can afford it. The advantage of this modular furniture is that, if you eventually upsize to a larger place, you can add other pieces of furniture that fits the units you already have. The units come with connection fittings that are pre-mounted beneath each unit so, once assembled none of the pieces are going to be moving apart while you are sitting down.

The beauty of IKEA products is that, even if this particular design goes out of manufacture, other designs can be substituted due to generic sizing. IKEA offer some incredibly simple and effective storage solutions such as the shoe cupboard that is attached to the wall and which holds six pairs of shoes, all hidden behind doors for a clutter-free appearance. In fact, when it comes to space saving furniture ideas located within one place, shopping in IKEA can save you both time and money, as well as provide you with some new slants on old ideas.