The Amazing Benefits of Infrared or Carbon Saunas

Although many would immediately associate saunas and their use with the nations of Scandinavia; like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the interesting fact is that saunas have been used for thousands of years. They have been used in the lands of the Far East like Korea, China, and Japan where they are also still in use today. Over time, saunas have evolved and now we have many different kinds of saunas to choose from. Some of these include new technologies; including infrared saunas.

When talking of far infrared saunas, it does not take long to see that this technology is truly a very interesting concept. This is because these saunas are radically different from the traditional saunas used in places like the Finnish Lapland or the elegant hotels of Japan and other Eastern nations. Just as the name explains, these saunas use far infrared light to warm objects directly instead of warming air between a source and object – known more popularly as conversion. This infrared energy is even claimed to penetrate deeper within the body’s tissues helping to boost a body’s internal healing response. This is quite different from the traditional saunas that make use of steaming rocks for heat and energy. But whether a sauna technology is new or old there are many health benefits for its owners – especially in the case of carbon saunas.

The use of saunas has been found therapeutic for those suffering from a number of conditions; including arthritis (a debilitating disease of the joints in which there is inflammation that can be quite painful). However, it is not just patients suffering from arthritis that can receive many benefits from the use of saunas. Those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome also gain relief while saunas are also quite beneficial for anyone wishing to lose weight. Staying in the sauna for a relatively short period of time has been shown to be tantamount to a two-mile jog or even a full workout in the gym. It’s absolutely true that spending time in the sauna can quickly burn between 500 and 1000 calories in just a half hour. More useful details can be found on good resource sites like Leisure Products, Inc. at and other similar sites.

Another good discussion point is the fact that today’s saunas are pocket-friendly because they are so energy efficient. Because infrared saunas are so efficient, owners are likely to experience only a small increase in energy costs. Furthermore, these high tech saunas are safer, more comfortable, and easily fit into just about any home.