What Consumers Need To Know When Installing Saratoga CA Air Conditioning

With the heat of summer underway, many Saratoga CA air conditioning systems will be repaired or replaced. The HVAC system is one of the most costly appliances that consumers will purchase for a home. Finding the right unit can reward the consumer with savings lasting many years to come.

Central cooling units distribute cool air to the entire home. In contrast, window units are designed for cooling a single room or area. While the homeowner will pay a higher initial investment, the central cooling system often reduces the cost of keeping a home cool.

A good HVAC contractor is a valuable resource in the process of choosing the correct sized unit to serve a home. The contractor should estimate cooling loads as well as the duct requirement for each room. The industry offers standards that are useful in determining these needs. The selected unit must not be too large or too small to meet the needs of the home with greatest efficiency.

Consumers will see two numbers that should be of interest in the buying process. The size of the unit can be measured in BTUs or tons. A 12,000 BTU unit is the same as a one ton unit. The second number of interest is the SEER rating. This scale rates the energy efficiency of each unit. Higher SEER ratings indicate a higher energy efficiency. Many power companies offer rebates to homeowners choosing models above a certain SEER rating.

The most expensive replacement part of the AC system is the compressor. Manufacturers often provide extended warranties of as long as ten years on the compressors. In the event of compressor failure, the extended warranty helps to save homeowners a significant amount of money on repair.

If the family is out of the home for long periods of time in the summer an investment in a programmable thermostat can save money. This device turns the cooling back when the family is out of the home and then adjusts back to create a comfortable temperature when the occupants arrive back at home.

If one is tempted to turn the system off before opening windows to enjoy fresh air, think again. While opening a window occasionally is fine, leave the AC at the on position. Leaving the machine turned on keeps the remainder of the house cool and prevents the need for it to work extra hard to return the area to a comfortable temperature as heating takes place during the day. In the end, leaving the AC turned on will save the consumer money.

Energy efficiency is often dependant on the temperature setting of the thermostat. Most energy use experts recommend the thermostat be set at 78 degrees. While it can take a few days for the body to adjust to higher temperatures, once occupants get used to the higher temperature they can remain cool and save power.

When selecting a Saratoga CA air conditioning unit, consumers should select an energy efficient unit that is sized proportionately to the house. Installers can instruct new owners about more energy efficient methods of using the system. Learning proper operation keeps the home cool with lower power bills.