Why Do You Need To Link Different Rooms With Color

Creating different color schemes for different rooms is a fun thing to do. It allows different people in your house to express their individuality and preference through this. However, linking each room through color is also important and is a worthwhile endeavor. This is one way of creating harmony of different designs in your home. Here are the benefits of linking individual rooms through color:

1. To Make It Feel More Relaxing – by using a color or a group of colors that continue from one area to another, it allows your eyes to identify familiar elements that are consistent from one room to another. It basically creates harmony of the different designs in your house. This means that each room doesn’t need to have the same shades on walls or floors and so on. What this means is that the colors should be repeated in all areas of your home. This strategy feels more relaxing compared to when you use different color schemes in every room.

2. Make it Look Bigger – this strategy is what they would refer to as a space-stretching trick. It does work, trust me!

This means that if you have a small space, this strategy would be greatly beneficial to you. Remember that when the color schemes of each room are competing, it amplifies the feeling of boundaries. It feels constricted and narrow. On the other hand, when you repeat the same shades, the boundaries are blurred. Thus, it gives a feeling of a bigger and more spacious room.

3. Save Money – Over time, certain rooms in our house may feel or look boring. So, we tend to rearrange or recreate it by adding newer furniture, accessories and accents. This is not a bad thing since it does beat boredom and monotony. Besides, change is a normal thing especially in interior design. This endeavor, however, requires you to spend extra dough. But is there a need for this? Not necessarily. Here’s why:

When you use repeating colors, you don’t have to buy new furniture every time you feel like rearranging or recreating your home so as to give it a fresh feel. What you can do is to move furniture and accessories and furniture from one room to the next. You can do this without worrying if the furniture and accessories will match the room or not. You know they’ll match since they all have the same shades and color schemes. By using repeating colors, you are able to stretch decorating budget further.