Wolf And Sub Zero FAQs

Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking units are top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. But what happens if something goes wrong? It’s simple. The Wolf and Sub-Zero brands are committed to providing excellent customer service and repair for your appliances. Learn more about factory certified Wolf and Sub-Zero service repair, where you can find a technician, and preventative maintenance tips in our Wolf and Sub-Zero FAQs.

Q. What is factory certified Wolf and Sub-Zero repair?

A. Factory certified Wolf Cooking and Sub-Zero Preservation repair is a term used to recognize technicians who have received specified training in the repair of Wolf Cooking and Sub-Zero Preservation appliances. Customers receive the best service for their appliances, because all technicians have the expertise and experience to repair Wolf and Sub-Zero products. Get back to the level of optimal performance by eliminating the guesswork of repair by using the system.

Q. Where can I find a factory certified Wolf/Sub-Zero repair technician?

A. When your kitchen appliance isn’t working up to par, you can trust a Wolf & Sub-Zero repair partner to fix the problem with care and efficiency. Locate a technician near you by entering you zip code into the “Search” box. Using someone off this website is recommended by of the fact that they are all servicemen with factory certification.

Q. What does my warranty cover?

A. Wolf Cooking and Sub-Zero Preservation units come with the best warranty coverage and owner service in the industry. The bonus of getting products from Sub-Zero is that they have a system warranty of 12 years and you get a full warranty for two years. In order to be covered by warranty, Sub Zero maintenance must be performed by a factory certified expert.

Wolf Cooking appliances come with a full two year warranty and a limited five year warranty. Here again, Wolf maintenance must be performed by a factory certified technician to be covered by warranty. Check the specific terms and conditions of your warranty here.

Q. How often should I perform maintenance on my Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance?

A. Many homeowners believe that they only need the help of a repairman when something goes terribly wrong with a kitchen appliance–the burners on the cooktop stop working or all the food in the freezer begins to unthaw. Bigger problems can be stopped in their tracks through the use of regular, routine maintenance. For example, you should have a factory certified technician clean your refrigerator coils every three to six months, and you should make sure to clean your condenser fans and freezer vents regularly as well. A professional tip section can give you the recommendations you need for Wolf or Sub-Zero appliance servicing.

Q. Where can I find information about my specific Sub-Zero of Wolf appliance?

A. Wolf Cooking and Sub-Zero preservation units vary greatly depending on the make and model of the product. A company’s website will have a section for Trade Resources and here you can get product manuals for every Wolf or Sub-Zero product.

Q. What if I still have a question about my appliance?

A. Contact Wolf and Sub-Zero via the Contact Customer Care section of their website.