Women’s Self Defense-the 6 Hour Cure For The Common Assault

Unfortunately, violence against women is a centuries old reality.

According to Bureau of Justice statistics 17 percent of women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In 2004 for every 1000 people there is one rape or sexual assault, two assaults with injury and 2 robberies-that?s a one in five chance that you are going to be next.

Statistics show that every two and a half minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. And while the numbers show an increase, the scary part is there are still 39 percent of rapes in 2002 that went unreported for a variety of legitimate reasons ranging from embarrassment, fear, or shock.

A self defense class should be part of every woman’s education. Why can’t it be taught in school?

Women’s self defense classes and training are available in books, seminars, DVD’s, and community classes. Practically every community offers some type of self defense class. They are available from the YWCA to the local police department, church groups to community organizations especially in college communities where assaults are generally higher. The opportunities are there. But so is the apathy. To me it is mind boggling at the lack of interest in this topic.

A class or course in self defense can prepare women for what may be inevitable-an assault at some point in their lives. A 6 hour DVD course in the comfort of your own home will teach you the basic skill set needed to prevent or cure the common assault by kicking an assailant’s butt.

They can learn how to build confidence, how to use keys as a weapon, how to use verbal self defense, simple postures and ways to act can prevent an assault from becoming fatal. The list goes on and on.

SIX HOURS to learn the basics to cure the common assault. Take a class in pepper spray use, martial arts, how to fight dirty, even knowing how to behave: these are the basic tools needed to survive an attack. Do it at home, do it at church, do it at school, do it at your police department, do it in your community center, do it in your dorm-JUST DO IT.

And then once you have learned the skill set, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Start learning at an early age and continue thru your life with practice.

SIX HOURS to cure the common assault. Is that too much?

Find out how you can get a DVD with the basic skills for self defense at the links below.

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Chances are very good that you are reading this because in some way crime has touched your life or you want to be proactive and protect yourself, family, home, or business from the ravages of crime. That is the first step.